Why Yasser?

With literally tens of thousands of registered salespersons in Ontario, why should you hire Yasser for your next real estate transaction?

Two Simple Reasons…

Traditional Values

Digital Marketing Expert

I believe in;

  • honesty and integrity
  • dedication and consistency
  • honour and respect
  • hard work and delayed gratification
  • happiness and loyalty

15 years of experience in;

  • digital marketing and e-commerce
  • search engine marketing
  • immersive online experiences
  • social media integration and management
  • customer relationship management

Why are traditional values important in today’s modern society?

Why are traditional values important in today’s modern society?

If there was ever a time for traditional values, it is now. Traditional values, refined over the past 2000 years teach us how to behave with one another and more importantly, how to conduct ourselves in a business transaction.

When businesses focus on profit above all else, inevitably customer service suffers. As a result, the quality of products and services of profit-focused organizations will be irretrievably harmed.

My promise

  • My customers’ priorities are my priorities,
  • I will proactively anticipate my customers’ needs,
  • I will respond to issues and problems with maturity and responsibility,
  • I will be accountable for all of my actions,
  • And I will always hold my customers’ financial well-being as my primary consideration.

These are just some of the values I will bring to our relationship.

Don’t leave your house in the hands of someone who values their time and energy over yours.

Look for a partner. Someone you can rely on. Someone you can trust.

How does digital marketing play a role in buying or selling real estate?

How does digital marketing play a role in buying or selling real estate?

You’ve heard the saying, “today’s consumer is more connected than ever before…” While this is true, it’s also equally true that today’s home buyer is bombarded with information 24 hours a day through tv, radio, online and social media advertising. So deciphering meaningful messages has become increasingly difficult.

Real estate brokerages use advanced search engine marketing techniques to push property listings to every corner of a potential home buyer’s digital life.

What does this mean in practice?

It means that if you visit an online property listing and then later visit one of your favourite social media sites (say Facebook), it is very likely that you will see the very same property or similar properties through social media ads. This sophisticated technology is called retargeting or remarketing.

While I am for this advanced technique. I also believe that a unique online experience will stand out from all the noise. Simply put, with me as your agent, your property will have a dedicated online presence to funnel potential buyers through a predefined path. Leading to the highest possible value for your house or condo.

What is my digital marketing strategy to sell your house or condo?

My digital strategy, to sell your house or condo, is simple but sophisticated. It requires a deep understanding of digital marketing and a variety of suitable marketing techniques, that are relevant to the specific market conditions, where your property is located.

No two houses are the same so neither should their marketing strategies.

In broad strokes, here is my Strategic Marketing Plan for the sale of your house or condo. There are three main categories:

  1. Preparing your Property
  2. Qualifying the Right Buyer
  3. Choosing the Best Deal

Preparing your Property

Preparing your Property

Understanding the potential Buyer for your property.

This is a crucial step in attracting the highest possible bid for your property. Buying a house or condo is an emotional decision as much as it is a financial one.

A buyer who values a particular feature of your house (i.e a large backyard with a deck, location, close to water/transit and etc.) is likely to become emotionally attached to your property because they can realize the value of owning your property. Compare that to a buyer who does not care much for maintaining a backyard much less using the deck.

Using features of your property to attract the right buyer is a strategic move.

Property preparation. Interior & Exterior.

The cosmetic appearance of your house or condo is undoubtedly the most important aspect a potential buyer will consider – after all, an informed buyer has been exposed to hundreds of property photos, layouts, and decor choices.

Your property will have to satisfy the most discerning of eyes.

Even small defects such as a loose door handle or creaking door can stigmatize your property as less desirable.

A property that presents itself as ready to move in will be valued higher than one that needs interior and exterior work.

Listing Photos that highlight competitive features.

Professional quality photography and video will set the first impression of your property.

How many listing photos have you seen where the photographs were either incomplete or taken in poor light?

Perhaps your property offers acreage – drone video?

A professionally prepared video walkthrough of your house or condo can further reinforce the emotional connection with your property. It also serves to show aspects of your property that are simply not possible through photos.

More tactics:

  • profile two to three potential buyers.
  • consider local demographics, age, marital status, income level and education in profile development.
  • determine best approach / method(s) to reach buyer.
  • search engine marketing to target buyers looking to buy in your neighbourhood/street.
  • determine the correct social media platform for the target buyer (i.e facebook – average user age 40, Instagram average age 35).
  • prepare stunning brochures to hand out at open houses.
  • multiple direct-mail strategies to inform local property owners of upcoming listing – creates exclusivity.
  • crafting property descriptions, photo style, decor and more.
  • personalized property walkthrough video.
  • list your property on the MLS® system – instantly makes your property visible across tens of thousands of websites.

These tactics are not appropriate for all properties and are not meant to serve as an exhaustive list.

Qualifying the Right Buyer

Qualifying the Right Buyer

Why Qualify?

We have all heard the story, of the house that sold for over asking but the buyer failed to close. It could be a variety of legitimate reasons. Perhaps the house sold on the condition that the buyer could first sell her own house or that the buyer simply failed to meet the mortgage requirements on the day of closing.

As a seller, you are beholden to the buyer to satisfy all legal, tax and mortgage obligations.

Sure, you have mitigating options at your disposal but no one should have to carry the burden of someone else’s failings or misfortune.

There are of course some obvious factors that need to be considered;

  • the buyer’s financial capacity to purchase your house or condo.
  • first-time buyer? Is there a mortgage pre-approval?
  • is the buyer motivated or change trying their luck?
  • does the buyer have an urgency to move in? (i.e starting a new job, expecting a baby and etc).
  • does the buyer need to sell their own house as a pre-condition to purchase yours?

Effectively qualifying a buyer during the offer-consideration period can greatly reduce the risk of a failed closing down the road.

Finding the Right Buyer.

Finding the right buyer depends on the work we did in identifying and understanding the ideal buyer for your property.

It should be relatively easy to come up with two to three personas for your house or condo. Why two or three? Because it never hurts to expand the net and attract multiple types of buyers. In other words, we can attract a young couple who is looking for a little more room for their growing family and at the same time attract empty-nesters who want to take advantage of nearby nature trails and access to parks and marinas.

Conditional on Sale

You want to understand the risks that a sale with conditions brings. In particular, an offer to purchase your property on the condition that the buyer’s own property sells first. In this type of deal, multiple properties are depending on each other to close. If any one of the buyers or sellers falls through, it causes the entire chain to collapse.

A first-time buyer has an advantage over existing homeowners, who need to first sell their property.

For sellers too, moving to rental property demonstrates to the buyer that your property is vacant and ready to move in. This further reinforces the buyer’s interest in your property.

If this looks and sounds like a lot of work, it is. That is why you need a great partner to be on your side.

Choosing the Best Deal

Choosing the Best Deal

Let us get something out of the way, the best offer is often not the highest one.

Accepting Offers

The manner in which you decide to accept offers can have a big impact on the quality of offers you receive.

First-come, first-served

This strategy signals to the buyer that they should probably go in with a lower offer in hopes of slowly negotiating toward some agreeable value.

All offers due at the same time

This strategy requires that all buyers submit their offers by a set date and time and that all offers will be reviewed together. This signals to buyers that they should put in their best offer immediately. If they do not, they risk losing out to another buyer.

Review Contingencies

Any condition that allows for the buyer/seller to break the agreement if the terms of the condition are not met.

Common contingencies include;

  • Financing.
  • Building inspection.
  • Appraisal
  • Buyer’s home sale.
  • Water well & Septic inspection.
  • Mould, Lead paint, electrical and more.

While not all offers include multiple conditions it is important to understand their implications and plan a course of action for any deficiencies that may arise. In other words, if an item is identified as deficient through a building inspection, are you willing to repair it or compensate the buyer?

If you receive an all-cash-no contingency offer, you still need to understand where the funds for the purchase are coming from. Does the buyer have cash sitting in their bank account or are they using a loan to fund a portion of their purchase?

Calculating True Profit

Consider the following questions that could affect your profit;

  • does the buyer’s desired closing date impact you financially? I.e additional rent or bridge loan.
  • are appliances and fixtures included in the sale?
  • are there any repairs that you have to complete?
  • is the buyer requiring you to pay a portion of their closing costs?
  • on the flip side, the buyer may be flexible and permits your stay in the house for a couple of months after closing. This could save you moving and rent expenses.

Arriving at the true profit will help you realize the actual value of an offer.

Let’s review the three main areas of my Strategic Plan.

In Preparing your Property we discussed how important it is to set the right first impression. There are so many tactics to choose from so it’s crucial to choose the most effective tactics that lead to the greatest possible value for your house.

In Qualifying the Right Buyer we understood that evaluating the buyer can mean all the difference when it comes time to close. A qualified buyer is likely to bring a serious offer to the table and is more likely to show flexibility.

In Choosing the Best Deal we realized that not all is as it seems. As the seller, you really have to balance all aspects of an offer and decide objectively. An emotional desire to go for the highest possible offer can leave you devastated and potentially lose out on a better buyer who may have moved on.

Other relevant topics, such as Setting the Right Price and Choosing the Right Time to List, are also a part of my Strategic Marketing Plan but not mentioned here.

Yasser Khan

I hope this information has been helpful in understanding my philosophy. This information is only meant to give you a high-level appreciation for my process. Every property presents unique opportunities and challenges. A great sales agent must be able to adapt to all conditions.

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